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Learn how to get The Sims Freeplay Cheats & Hack

cheats sims freeplay

So it’s time to publish next post – now I will describe you where and how you can get sims freeplay cheats and hack tool. I tested this tool for over 2 weeks and it give for me insane results. I just found it in the web and here I will give for you the download link from which I got my license. I used it on my ipad and blackberry and everything was okey. Official owner said that it works with every device and I confirm these words. Want to learn how to get this fanstastic program ? Just read more below and follow all steps to unlock your download page.

The Sims Freeplay Cheats Features

  • Infinite simoleons hack
  • Unlimited Lifestyle Points Cheats ( lp points )
  • works with iOS and Android system
  • Auto Update
  • 100% undetectable ( you can use private proxy )
  • 100% safe

If you want to see more options then check it out yourself – download it below.

I recommend this program for everyone who don’t have time to playing this game few hours a day and want have a lot of resources. With money you can do anything you want and no one can forbid this. Simoleons and Lifestyle points you can spent do but new items or cars. You can have a lot of fun with this game but you always need money. Don’t waste your time and learn how to within a couple of minutes get more sims freeplay money.

Download tool for the Sims Freeplay Cheats and Hack

sims freeplay cheats

below you will see the download button, click then read what you must do to unlock the download page – I did it and I am happy owner of great sims freeplay hack

download button


Now let’s see what you should do to see the results of using this hack in the game.

  1. You must Download the sims freeplay hack ( check download button above )
  2. Unzip from winrar then open hack tool
  3. Make sure that you have newest versions of game, java and net framework
  4. Run the game on your device
  5. Select how many resources do you want add to the game
  6. Press Start and wait until you will see the results ( usually it takes few minutes )
  7. Finally you can close the game and run it again
  8. Have fun with unlimited simoleons and lifestyle points

This the Sims Freeplay Cheats Tool doesn’t need jailbreak or rooting.

Thanks for choose my blog, I am sure that you will be really happy player because this program is very helpful for every player. Spend your resources for anything you want and enjoy the game in 100% !

This hack tool is safe and undetectable – advanced coding and technique guarantee that it is rare and awesome.

Share this post with your friends on Facebook and thanks for visit again. If you want to ask me about the game or hack tool please comment below.


Community of the Sims Freeplay Cheats and Hacks !

sims freeplay cheat

First day of my first blog in my life. I think a lot of before a created it. I want what I want say and what I want give for you in the future.  You check this website because you need the sims freeplay cheats. I love this game, I remember times when i played sims pc series and I love these times. My friend show this game for me and told that I can playing it on iOS or Android device. So I started playing this game immediately and I love it. But after a few days the game was for me to be too time-consuming. I don’t had few hours a day to earn simoleons and lifestyle points but I wanted to buy new items. So I started to look for latest and working cheat tool for the sims freeplay.

sims freeplay game

Before i found working cheat tool I spent few days to test every application. I noticed that over 90% of hack/cheat tools are fake or patched. I found tool which works with iOS and android. Have advanced setup, coding and graphic so it is 100% safe and udetectable. This program have awesome features such as unlimited amount of simoleons and lifestyle points generator and it’s available for everyone. You just need unlock the download page, they have anty bot system to check if you are human or not.

Cheats and Hacks tutorial for the sims freeplay

So wait for my next post where I will tell everything you need to start using the sims freeplay hack tool. You will see yourself how easy it is and where you can start. This post is only to tell you what you can find here and why I started it.

Also I will open in the future special place where everyone can talking about the game. You will have a place where you will can share all of your secrets for this game or other useful informations.

For now it’s everything from me. If you are interesting please like & share this post/website and wait for new post with full tutorial how to download sims freeplay hack !